With the competition in full swing our anglers took every possible gap. Cudo’s to the guys as they challenged the weather predictions and paddled their arms off the last couple of days for that elusive Yellow Tail.

The action started on Saturday with myself and a couple of guys taking on the cold water at Simons, this after predictions showed that we’ll be blown away. We were blown away by an awesome perfect day on the water… that’s if you were purely a paddler. We were however looking for Fish but came home empty handed, even the chokka decided the cold water (sub 15 degrees) calls for a strike.

Also on Saturday a couple of the crazier guys took the bet against the weather predictions at took a chance at Point. The brave Taariq, Jeandre, Darren, Abduragmaan & James hit the water and paddled away in the predicted wind. The wind showed up and conditions were not so great but, the guys took it head on and worked hard. With no birds around some boats did manage some YT further out but, with conditions as they were our guys couldn’t get there. James the lucky and crazy bugger however did manage 1 decent katonkel (aka Taariqs favorite)! Well done James! Luckily some of the guys returned with some hotties and even some kreef.

Sunday the predictions pretty much kept us all away from the YT zones. Stephen, James B and I decided to give the neglected 3 anchor a go. There were reports/rumours of some Katonkel coming out so we opted to take a shot. This was the only spot on the day where the wind would allow a paddle. We put in a good effort and threw everything at it, paddled to Robben and back, did a stretch down Seapoint with no luck whatsoever.

Monday Madness arrived, Danelle went on the hunt for YT in Melkbos. Well let’s just say you have to be in it to win it! You just never know what would happen so keep it up Danelle!

With Monday and Talking about madness always remember the War on Shore winner James. He’s one special kind of … angler. Again showing us how its done and not done on the same day (He managed to dunk his phone, lose his sunglasses, snap his rod and lose his newly bought reel). At least he is bringing home some fish today 4 nice Bonnies and a lekker Snoekie.