Welcome to the preparations for the 2021 Katonkel Ronkel. We’re excited to announce that we’ve started the planning for the second addition of this virtual format for 2021. With the uncertainty of circumstances in SA we are not in a position to plan and coordinate a massive get together social event thus, we will focus our attention on bringing you an even bigger and better virtual competition in 2021.

Following on 2020 we would like to request your input in what would make 2021 even bigger and better.

Some of the feedback noted thus far:

  • Participants expressed that some control of areas where we are fishing is required. Some coordination to ensure especially in busy ramps guys drop off ski’d and don’t block the ramp. Also in the same breath to ensure safety precautions are adhered to.
  • Measurement consistency, for 2021 all participants will be required to measure their catches using a specific mechanism. We are looking into options.
  • Bonus points will be refreshed, weekend guys will still get the advantage.
  • Additional categories etc to be considered?

Please share your ideas and let’s make 2021 exciting and much bigger than 2020.

If you are a sponsor interested in joining on the fun, please don’t hesitate reaching out to kowus@kayakfish.co.za

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