Area fished at Cape point

Cape Point Nature Reserve.

Activity card Buying a fishing activity card at a Cape tourism office will help you save money on entry fees.Depending on which activity card you get it will allow you access for multiple entries at a much lower cost. Make sure the wildcard has fishing included!Launching takes place off buffels baai slip in the will also need to take your normal fishing license in case the parks board asks u for it.

The most common fish caught inside Buffels  Baai and around Cape Point are yellowtail,  Katonkel, Snoek, Red Roman,Bronze Bream,Chokka and on occasion Geelbeck and Yellowfin. There are others but we are going to focus on what most kayak fisherman are targeting here nowadays.

Predicting where the fish would be is nearly impossible. Best would be to consult the whatsapp groups and local boat clubs to confirm where fish came out. They move around a lot. One day you catch them in front of the slip the next all the way out at the south west reefs (14km out)

With point the most important thing to consider is the weather. If you are inexperienced make sure you go with someone experienced. Going around the point at the lighthouse is a rough section and you need to keep calm and paddle. This section in the wrong weather conditions could be very dangerous. Make sure you ask for someone to join before you tackle this. The bay is typically a lot smoother than outside the point, don’t be fooled to think the water on the other side will be as smooth, it almost never is.

Yellowtail (kingfish)
Good time of year to catch YT at Cape point is from December through to April.Pound for pound the yellowtail is right up there with the strongest fighting (edible fish) in the Cape. It’s No wonder us kayak fisherman never get tired of catching them.

Yellowtail can be caught either trolling, spinning, jigging or using bait.Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to tackle so here is an indication of what is needed. You can then select your brand preference to match to your taste and pocket.

Katonkel (Oceanic Tuna)This has to be the most hungry fish in the sea always. If these guys are around they cannot leave a lure. Their small razor sharp teeth make light work of most nonmetallic lures.

Catching katonkel Is probably the easiest fish to catch ” if they are around” Caught by trawling and spinning mostly. Can use the same tackle as for the Yellowtail. Methods mostly the same too.Thats it you are armed with some of the best techniques used to catch these fish. 💪