Strand Kayak Fishing

 Sean Wethmar seen here with a nice Kob caught on bait

Most targeted fish here are Kob, Geelbeck(Cape Salmon), elf(shad), Garrick. Best Time of year is from September – April. Area marked in white is the mostly fished area. Launch sites are seen in the pic below. Most popular being Melkbaai and Blakes.

Plenty of fish can be caught in strand in the summer months, which affords the surf, boat, and kayak angler great entertainment. Please note that the strand area is a MCM protected area. In summer surf fishing is not allowed between 6am -6pm so as to not interfere with the thousands of visitors to the area.

Depending on the quarry you are hunting, there are a host of species to be found between the Strand reefs. KOB, Geelbek, shad, Garrick, Cape Stump, Blacktail and other further reef structure, Red Roman, Mackerel , Bonito. I have seen shoals of yellowtail pass beneath along the Gordons Bay Mountains towards Rooiels. As demarcated the area shown are the most prolific areas fished. Be mindful of the swell and wind as some kayakers have ended up on the reefs damaging not only skis, but losing expensive tackle along with personal injury. Early morning launches and fishing into the night have deemed favourable in this area unless the fish are in a frenzy. Usually kayak fisherman wait for a SE wind to get the water warmed up a bit along with some nice Brown colored water. Rule of thumb. Look for colour and working water.

Harmony Park area and outside of Gordons Bay area can also be good fishing with some nice kob and elf on offer at times. The trick is to keep moving until you find the fish.

Garrick can be targeted off The slipway next to the Restaurant or just off poorte. Live mullet, live elf ,spinners, plugs all work

Blacktail / Cape Stump – prawn, white mussel, chokka blob, sardine and that fantastic stinky Red Bait

Elf – Whole sardine, chokka sardine combo, spinners, paddle tails( these take a beating), maasbankers