The competition will start 00:01 on the 30th of July 2022 and will end 24:00 on the 28th of August 2022. You can fish at any time during this period and only your biggest 5 fish submitted will count.

You will only be allowed to launch on the Cape Town coast between Melkbos and Gordons Bay, we however recommend 3 Anchor, OPBC, Simonstown, Millers or Buffels Bay at Cape Point.

All kayakers will have to check in PRIOR to launching and check our POST fishing.

The check in will be by means of a picture showing as best possible you, your kayak and your launch site in the same picture (example below). Your check in pic needs to submitted to the competition referee via the whatsapp CHAT group.

The check out pic must contain the fisherman, his kayak and the fish caught on the day. Refer to the below example of a picture (keep in mind that we would like to use these pictures to promote the competition and the sport).

Should a participant fail to submit a check in or check out pic the fish caught will not be eligible.

Upon entering you will receive an email with an invite to 2x whatsapp groups.

  1. The News group is a critical group where all updates and official comms will be posted.
  2. The Chat group is an open chat where you are required to post your launch pics and measurement submissions. Please also share all pictures taken during the event in this group.

You will be required to post your check in and check out pictures to the #katonkelronkel channel in discord including your catch submissions.

NB! No check in and no check out with your catch = NO POINTS

  • This is a Bonnie only competition, no other species will count towards the any points for the main prizes in this competition.
  • All prizes will be awarded based size of your Bonnie (refer to points and measure details below) Biggest Bonnie wins!
  • Do note that there are BONUS points applicable refer to the details below. Also note that there will be multiple prizes available so we encourage you submit all your Bonnies caught to be eligible and also to mitigate any tie breakers (please strictly adhere to bag limits!).
  • Anglers can submit all the fish they catch during the period and all of them will count towards the competition.
  • If you fish every day of the comp only your 5 biggest fish during the period will count and you can upgrade at any point.
  • Catches will be logged per angler by size + bonus points. The biggest catches during the period will count. Refer to the points section for an example score sheet.
  • The minimum size for submission will be 55cm. Please ensure that only fish 55cm and more is measured and submitted to the referee.
  • Prize giving will be shared as a video on Youtube.


Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Minors are eligible to participate with a parent or legal guardian signature on the release form. Your entry and payment must be completed by 17:00 28 July 2022. All participants must be in possession of a valid fishing licence with the added fishing from a vessel option at all times while participating. Any costs to enter Cape Point reserve is for the anglers own cost should he wish to fish from there.


It is the responsibility of competitors to strictly adhere to the regulatory COVID regulations set out by government.

During competition each contestant is required to comply with SAKFA regulations. In addition, participants must wear a PFD at all times while competing in the event and be in possession of a sounding (whistle) device. Please ensure you never go out on your own. Be cautious of the conditions and ensure you reviewed the weather predictions. Please also make use of SafeTRX on your cellphone.

SPORTSMANSHIP Competitors are expected to act with integrity, follow  a high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification.


All fish must be caught from a kayak (self-propelled water craft) on the day with a fishing rod. While fishing, contestants may not obtain or receive assistance, including but not limited to the following: a non-competitor, a non-competitor’s boat, the placing of markers by a non-competitor, being towed by or riding on motorized vessels. Motorised vessels may only be used if a kayaker is injured or in danger.

TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT 4 Rods per kayak. Only 2 in water at any time. Bait or artificial lures may be used. No handlines will be permitted.


The use of mobile communication devices such as cellular telephones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, pagers or any electronic device to communicate during fishing is highly recommended for safety.

All official competition correspondence will be done on the competition whatsapp groups. All participants will be required to join the platform. There will be 2x separate channels for the competition (Competition updates only where only the organiser can post and a chat for questions and banter). We do encounter healthy banter within this group however please only post about fishing or/and kayak fishing related to the event. No swearing or abbreviated swearing. No racial, political, sexist, vulgar, insulting, derogative suggestions, etc. posts will be tolerated. Anyone NOT keeping to the rules will be removed and disqualified.


This competition is a single species competition targeting only Katonkels. Katonkels are also known as Atlantic Bonito or Bonnies.

The event uses catch-video and verified by witness system. Videos recorded and verified by witnesses in the recording will overrule pictures should measures be equal or the measurement in the picture be questionable.

Only measurements made with the competition approved measuring tape (Adrenalin Fish Ruler Mat) will be accepted. Participants are required to purchase the tape should they not own one yet. You can procure from any local tackle shop or include a tape in your entry.

Refer to the below illustration on how to measure your fish:

Scoring will determined by the length as measured above of each fish caught. Length is determined from the forward-most point of the fish with the fish’s mouth closed to the fork of the tail, measured in Centimeters.

Note! Only 5 fish is allowed to be submitted to the referee. You are allowed to upgrade your 5 during the comp at any time. Only the 5 biggest fish will count.

Important note! Measurements will be rounded down to the closest cm.

Please have a look at the video showing how your fish should be measured.

Participants are allowed to submit only up to 5 fish. A video recordings of the competitor taking the measurements will be required. The competitor needs to ensure the measurements are clearly visible in the video.

Note, the referee will require a clear view of the fish touching the upright then a clear view of the measurement. If the fish moves during the video the measurement will be deemed disqualified. Ensure you find a flat stable surface to measure carefully.

All videos and pictures of fish caught MUST be submitted to the referee in the Katonkel Ronkel Char group in whatsapp on the day of your launch pic to be eligible. Should the competitor for any reason have difficulty uploading his evidence it will be the responsibility of the competitor to make contact with the Competition Director to make alternate arrangements.

Please provide the measurements (55, 56, 56, 67) in your message to the referee along with your video. The videos are for validation, the measurements helps with getting the scores up asap.

In the event of a tie the participants 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc fish caught during the duration of the competition will be used as a tie breaker. Make sure you measure and submit all your catches (within the minimum size and your bag limits please). Max 10 fish by angler per day.

The Competition Director will review the videos to verify reported results and determine place winners. The Competition Director is responsible for the final call in all matters.


Participants are only allowed to post a maximum of 5 fish, should the participant during the competition catch a bigger fish that the submitted 5 he is welcome to submit an upgrade video. The upgrade could be a same size fish caught on a bonus point day and the additional points will be applicable.


To keep things interesting the following bonus points will apply:

  • Any fish caught on the first Saturday of the comp (30 Jul) will gain and additional 1cm.
  • Any fish caught on a weekend Saturdays or Sundays will automatically gain 1cm.
  • During the competition there could be a specific day where all fish will gain an additional cm. The referee will communicate such a day to all participants.
  • Any fish caught on the last Sunday of the comp (28Aug) will gain an additional 1cm.


To clarify how the scoring will work we’ve put together the below example score sheets.

Score Sheet for Kowus & Sean (During the period Kowus caught and logged 4 Bonnies)

CompetitorDateLaunch SiteConfirmed MeasurementWeekend Bonus PointsTotal Eligible Measurement
Kowus14 Aug 3 Anchor Bay40cm1cm41cm
Kowus20 Aug 3 Anchor Bay32cm0cm32cm
Sean24 Aug 3 Anchor Bay41cm0cm41cm
Sean14 Aug 3 Anchor Bay29cm0cm29cm

And the 1st prize goes to Kowus! The tie breaker being Kowus’s 2nd fish on his score sheet. The only fish he caught on the 20th of August but as it was measured, photographed to the satisfaction of the competition director to take the win.

Note – Due to the number of Bonnies caught at the same size the above system has proven to work VERY well. Don’t worry too much about the scoring, go catch the monsters and you will within the first weekend see how this works and how well this works. Loads of fun and easy to win.

INDIVIDUAL POINTS The individual competition will be determined by the biggest bonnie caught. The above score sheet example will remain in place for the individual pot.

TEAM POINTS The team competition will however be determined by the total points of the 2x participants. Thus the sum of the 5 fish points caught by each team member in total. Please note you can only with one category, either team or individual. If you opt for individual your team is excluded from the team prize.

  • In the event where team scores end up equal the 10 fish caught will be used to break the tie. Biggest fish by team members in a similar fashion as individual.
  • Should the scores still be equal after the above the pot will be shared.

PROTEST All protests must be submitted on the day before 24:00 to the Competition Director.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE A waiver, release of liability, and covenant not to sue are part of the entry form. It is required that all contestants take responsibility for themselves while participating in event activities.

PHOTO RELEASE Competitors grant KayakFish and the sponsors the unconditional right to use their name, and photographs submitted to the competition whatsapp group for production, promotion, and/or articles and press releases, and shall not be entitled to receive any royalties or other compensation in connection with such use.

RULE CHANGES Rules interpretation is exclusively left to the Competition Director. The decisions of the Competition Director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.

ADDITIONAL PRIZES Sponsors will at their discretion award additional spot prizes for competitors. The sponsors will