Simonstown is a great location for targeting Yellow Tail. The netters do have a lot of success. For Kayakers the weather is a big factor. Summer month’s with a couple of days of strong SE winds will blow the baitfish with YT’s into the bay. You have to be quick as the netters will net these schools quickly.

The occasional Yelow Tail go into the harbour to breed, we are however not allowed to fish the harbour but able to get them close to the harbour entrance. Important, you have to stay at least 50m from the wall. Also while targeting chokka always have a drift out for the lost Tail.

Majority of the guys launch at Long beach, spot marked in picture below:

To troll you can also troll along

A very good bottoms spot is across the quarry. You’ll get some nice Red Roman there. Recently the guys also got some massive chokka in the same spot.

Good time of year to catch YT at Cape point is around December through to April.Pound for pound the yellowtail is right up there with the strongest fighting (edible fish) in the Cape. It’s No wonder us kayak fisherman never get tired of catching them .
Yellowtail can be caught either trawling, spinning, jigging or using squid bait.Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to tackle, so here is an indication of what is needed. You can then select your brand preference to match to your taste and pocket.

Katonkel (Oceanic Tuna)

This has to be the most hungry fish in the sea (always).If they are there everyone usually catches at least one

If these guys are around they cannot leave a lure. Their small razor sharp teeth make light work of most nonmetallic lures.

Catching katonkel

Is probably the easiest fish to catch ” if they are around” Caught by trawling and spinning mostly.

Can use the same tackle as for the Yellowtail. Methods mostly the same too.

Thats it you are armed with some of the best techniques ever used to catch these fish. 💪