It’s been two weeks of agonising fishing for the Yellow Tail pot competitors. A couple of marriages at stake, gardens neglected and finger nails ruined. At last we can confirm we will have a winner at the end of all of this pain.

Until today on fishing front things haven’t gone as planned. It’s been absolutely dead quiet out there with the guys switching to some desperate measures to get that YT crown. Gareth with a very nice cob and myself ending with a single Bonnie and some baby hotties.

The best part of competitions like this is all the friendly banter and sometimes the sharing of knowledge. This week we were privileged enough to get Taariq and Devin to generously open up their lunch boxes. If you ever wondered where they get their stamina from, to paddle the distance, at that great speed…well now you know. The oil is also some secret ingredient Devin shared, apparently works wonders on chaffed hands… ask him for more details.

Before we get down to business, the all important launch pics for your entertainment. Quite interesting how much effort goes into taking some of these.

Then comes today, the day the POT exploded! We gained 3x entries into the pot with some great tails caught out there. Well done to James, Taariq and Manie on your catches!!! Exciting that we now have the competition rolling and the ice broken.

For now we’ve got Taariq in the lead but, it’s far from over. If weather holds there will be a couple of opportunities left before we conclude the competition.