The past weekend the Western Cape Kayak Angling Club’s first club competition kicked off.

Members were allowed to fish either the Saturday or Sunday, you could only fish on one of those days (From sunrise to 17:00, by 17:00 your catch had to be submitted for points). The area we were allowed to fish stretched from Veldrift to Witsand. For each of these you were required to pick a day and submit a launch pic of yourself on that day. This edition of the competition also included some bonus points for every Yellow Tail caught (10 bonus Points)

Weather predictions locally in Simons and Point looked dismal but a couple of guys opted for Saturday, braved the weather and gave it a shot. Weather conditions turned out to be great however water was ice cold and fish was nowhere to be found. 

The point scorers for the day were the guys who took a gamble and fished the Arniston and Witsand area. Taariq, Bronnie, Alex and Kowus tried their luck at Arniston hoping for that early Yellow Tail monster but, all ended up with a very nice quota of Bonnies. Taariq with a couple of releases couldn’t submit his full quota as he didn’t have anyone close to verify (Cudo’s for the sportsmanship bud!!!). Oom Tommie stretched a bit further with a reconnaissance of Witsand, probably in preparation for the upcoming Witsand Comp. Oom Tommie now well prepared for Witsand, was also quite lucky and brought hom 8x Bonnies with an Elf. 

Points scored, the club committee is hard at work verifying all the results. From the measurements submitted it looks like Alex took an early lead on points standings. It’s early days but well done Alex! 

Leader board will be publicised shortly. 

If you would like to join in on the fun and join the club please visit the blow link:

You are also welcome to reach out to any memeber of the Club Executive Team:

Neal Sills, Lutcin van Kraayenburg, Scott Cooper, Jacques Nel, Taariq Levack