The Yellow Tail POT competition was a slightly different format than what we were used to. Instead of a comp where you had to fish over a weekend or pick a specific day and only fish that one day, participants were able to fish any day from 18 Dec 2019 to 19 Jan 2020. You were allowed to fish multiple times and submit as many Yellow Tails as you desire. At the end of the day only the longest Yellow Tail would win.

This event resulted in an absolute amazing experience over the festive period with loads of FOMO, fishing and even more banter. This dynamic made sure we got on the water as much as possible and I’m sure everyone had hell of a lot of fun. I recall a couple of times where I wasn’t able to go fishing, seeing those launch pics were absolutely painful. Personally I’m going to miss the whatsapp group once we conclude all of this, hopefully I now get to catch my first Tail for 2020.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, there was a stage where we thought we’ll have to come up with an alternative plan, for a long time it wasn’t looking like we were going to see any Tail on the leaderboard. This alternated between us blanking and also the weather turning on us. Luckily for some, the Tail came in and loads were logged.

For this week and the last weekend of the comp the wind decided enough is enough.. for the sake of you families just let the man win!

If this was a competition for the most tail caught undoubtedly James would have taken the crown. Every-time filling buckets and shaming his fellow competitors with his catches. Well done James!

This brings us to our competition winner. The guy who’s almost always first in at the Point gate. By the time you unloaded your kayak at the ramp Taariq is already out of sight paddling like he is on EPO.

He’s also the man that kayak fishes as if he gets paid to fish. That’s why we can’t argue that he is he a remarkable paddler, he surely gets enough practice.

Some say Taariq can also swap a lure one handed in under 10 seconds, never trust what you see on his rigs before he enters the water… its all an illusion.

Well Taariq, very well done on you catch! Your victory was well deserved!