What an awesome start to this competition. We welcomed 53 competitors to the comp taking the cash prize pot to R 13 250.

This morning marked day one of the comp and what a smashing start with plenty fish coming out. We have 21 Fish reported thus far and looking forward to adding loads more to the score sheet.

Early on it’s very evident that the bonus points competitors earn and the extra fish caught will be critical to winning the comp. In order to earn a bonus point it’s very important that competitors take a nice marketing friendly picture with their catch and kayakfish.co.za sticker clearly visible to earn that extra cm. In addition competitors will also require the measurement picture or video to verify the measurements of their fish.

Looking at the scores we do remember all competitors log all all the Bonnies they catch, these Bonnies are very similar sizes and the odds that we will have same sizes competing for the podium slots we have to offset with a 2nd, 3rd or 4th fish are very likely.

We would like to thank all the competitors for respecting regulations and wearing their masks this morning, please keep it up!

We also had a lucky draw today and we are happy to announce the following winners, please have a look at the video posted for the draw.

  • JC Steyn – Grabbing a Stealth waterfroop cellphone pouch
  • Dewald De Waal – Scoring a Liquid Blue Ski Mate

Check out the live verified results on this page:


For more details on the event visit:


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