Week 24 started off with some terrible weather, but luckily for us the weather cleared just in time for the weekend. After some news of a Snoek and some bonnies the the previous weekend the beach was lined with kayakers. Almost looked like a comp was taking place with proper social distancing rules being followed obviously.

Unfortunately the whole lot came back empty handed.

The next week gave us a public holiday and even Sean dusted off the lockdown from his 575 and joined the guys at 3 anchor. Loads of stories about the one that got away, a mini fish but ultimately we only had one lucky first timer.

Desmond joined Brendan and the guys on his first trip to Robben, he came home with this bad boy… beginners luck 🙂 This tail was caught in the shallow waters between Whale Rock and Robben using a Halco Laser Pro120 DD Pink Sardine

We also had a couple of guys headed to Simons and continued to get some good chokka, especially early mornings.

Then this weekend the crayfish season opened and a couple of us headed to the water to go get our share of roaches. Most of us joined the WCKAC guys in Hangklip where the sizes were just above legal, no monsters for us. It does look like there are loads around as we got quota very quick.

The okes who stayed behind and fish Simons and 3 Anchor were very quiet so we can assume at best some chokka came out.

Let’s see what this week holds, tight lines everyone!

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