Another week of salt in our wounds for majority of the guys in the POT. It’s been weeks of painful fishing for some of us. Trying our hearts out to just get on the board.

We’ve had a couple of opportunities and did land some fish but, for a lot of us those Yellow Tail monsters just haven’t come in yet. But… it’s not over and we will continue to try.

Some of this week’s catches:

This week Jacques managed to get his name on the board, not the winning fish but at least on the board. Manie adding to the salt also added another one to the board but unfortunately not taking the lead yet.

Then we have our current leader Taariq… taking the comp to a whole next level and rubbing course salt into the wounds of his fellow competitors. This guy surely did something right with mother luck, I was paddling right next to him with the same lures not getting any Tail… Lucky bastard.