It’s been extremely quiet over the past couple of weeks in our local popular fishing waters. On Thursday a couple of kayakers and I sneaked out to go have a look and see what’s happening in anticipation of our club comp the coming weekend. Point was freezing cold with sub 14 temperatures. There was the odd Bonnie but no fireworks.

On my way home I still had some time and decided to give Simons a quick go, loads of guys were drifting trying for the very quiet Chokka and hoping for some mackerel. I opted to have a look if there’s some Yellow tail around and managed to find and land a decent tail. Ashree managed to find himself a Bonnie.

Another success story unravelled on Thursday prior to the comp weekend. Terry tested the water in Langebaan and was well rewarded with a proper size Cob. From the picture it’s quite interesting as it looks like he was trolling the ever popular pink Rapala. Well done Terry!

With the weekend of love arriving and the cold water in Point and Simons most guys redirected their attention to their time and effort towards the weekend of love, making up for all of those weekends past and future spent on the water.

I (Kowus) was the only one who decided to take a small gap and visit the waters in Strand, my first time. The morning started very slow with nothin much happening until around 10am. The ever popular sighting of birds working the water lit up our day and shortly after that we were vas with Elf. I got my first and biggest one on the troll while heading towards the birds. After that it was a party with Elf everywhere and taking anything. Most caught were undersize but I did manage to land these two within size. I kept the biggest one for dinner and safely released the rest.

I must add a plea to all to please stick to their their bag limits. Visit this link to review: On the day I observed a couple of boats around us not releasing any fish and keeping way over their bag limits.

Other news, some exciting developments in club membership options were made available to accommodate the need for members not opting for the CBSC benefits. Please engage the club committee for more details.

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