Serial NumberStatusOrder StatusCustomer NameOrder DateEstimated Completion Expected DateKayak ModelKayak DesignAdditional ElementsElite 530 OptionsBase ColourPinline ColourFusion ColourFront Tip ColourFront Band ColourRear Tip ColourRear Band ColourDouble Racing Stripe ColourSingle Racing Stripe ColourStealth Factory Upgrade OptionsAdditional NotesSide view of designTop View of designID
1readDelivered Kowus Pelser10/02/2023Fisha 460Faded TipsSingle Racing AtripeWhitePost Office RedCanary YellowLime GreenPost Office RedFront Rod Holder, Rear Mid 3rd Rod Holder
2readDelivered Guy Mountford08/02/202328/02/2023ProFisha 575Painted TipsMist GreyMid GreyMid GreyWhiteRear Hatch Flip Lid, Rear Mid 3rd Rod Holder
3readDelivered Mike Niezl15/02/202328/02/2023Fisha DUOFaded TipsCornflower BlueBlackBright OrangeBright OrangeRear Hatch Flip LidPlease can they also add a second rod holder in the front (basically trolling position for the front person, mirroring the single one that is there already)
4readDelivered Neil Graham16/03/202317/03/2023ProFisha 525Painted TipsSingle Racing Stripe, Top Deck (White Hull)Cornflower BlueWhiteCornflower BlueStrong BlueWhiteFront Rod Holder, Rear Hatch Flip Lid, Flush Mount Fish Finder Hatch Lid, Rear Mid 3rd Rod HolderNote the Top deck requirement for a white hull.
5readNew OrderLeo Koekemoer14/04/202305/05/2023ProFisha 575Rear Hatch Flip Lid, Rear Mid 3rd Rod HolderExtra paddle scratch pad (fitted)
6unreadNew OrderJude Cloete03/05/202324/05/2023Fisha 555PlainSingle Racing Stripe, Double Racing Stripe, Top Deck (White Hull)Cornflower BluePost Office RedStrong BluePost Office RedRear Hatch Flip Lid
7unreadJean Du Toit11/05/202301/06/2023ProFisha 575Painted TipsWhiteWhiteMid GreyWhiteRear Hatch Flip Lid, Rear Mid 3rd Rod Holder
8unreadNew OrderHugo Freitas17/05/202307/06/2023Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhite
9unreadNew OrderNeville Hagan17/05/202307/06/2023Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhite
10unreadNew OrderJonathan Lassen24/05/202314/06/2023Fisha 555PlainDouble Racing StripeWhiteWhiteBright OrangeFront Rod HolderPlease add a rod holder to the front on the right (Pierre client didn't want grab handle moved so standard position please.
11unreadNew OrderWerner Niewoudt07/06/202305/07/2023Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhiteFront Rod Holder, Flush Mount Fish Finder Hatch Lid, Rear Mid 3rd Rod Holder
12unreadNew OrderIan Ashforth03/07/202331/07/2023ProFisha 575PlainWhiteWhiteRear Mid 3rd Rod Holder
13unreadNew OrderJonathan Mannheim07/07/202304/08/2023ProFisha 525Faded TipsDouble Racing StripeBright OrangeStrong BlueCornflower BlueCornflower BlueCanary YellowPlease confirm as we are assuming the custom colours are all within standard set
14unreadNew OrderKris Nielsen11/07/202301/08/2023ProFisha 575Faded TipsTop Deck (White Hull)Lime GreenBright OrangeCanary YellowCanary Yellow683
15unreadNew OrderWalter Andraos17/07/202307/08/2023ProFisha 525Faded TipsWhiteBright OrangeBright OrangeBright OrangeFront Rod Holder
16unreadNew OrderGuy Balme18/07/202315/08/2023Fisha DUOPlainWhiteWhitePlease remember to allocate the Paindane payment towards the Invoice. Thanks687
17unreadNew OrderSerge Wessels16/08/202306/09/2023Fisha DUOPlainWhiteWhite
18unreadNew OrderJohn Butler07/11/202328/11/2023Fisha 555PlainPost Office RedWhiteFlush Mount Fish Finder Hatch Lid, Rear Mid 3rd Rod HolderNote, Plain design with Red base and white pinline. Please add flip lid and if possible the 3rd rod holder in the back, yes the leash cip will need to be moved to fit the 3rd. Happy to complete this my side if needed.
19unreadNew OrderAlan van Rensburg20/11/202321/11/2023Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhite
20unreadNew OrderEric Andrews22/11/202330/11/2023Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhiteRear Hatch Flip Lid
21unreadNew OrderAndrie Du Toit01/01/202422/01/2024Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhite824
22unreadNew OrderJurgen van Niekerk08/01/202429/01/2024Fisha 555PlainWhiteWhite833
23unreadNew OrderGert Brits08/01/202429/01/2024Fisha 555PlainDouble Racing StripeWhiteLime GreenBright Orange
24unreadNew OrderBarend Fourie17/01/202407/02/2024Fisha 555Top Deck (White Hull)Rear Mid 3rd Rod Holder300179 - Vinyl paddle pad extra (R248.50) fitted pls
25unreadNew OrderWill Gould23/01/202420/02/2024Fisha 500Faded TipsTop Deck (White Hull)Canary YellowBright OrangeBright OrangeBright OrangeFront Rod Holder, Rear Hatch Flip Lid
26unreadNew OrderFrans Maree30/01/202427/02/2024Fisha DUOPlainSingle Racing StripeStrong BluePool BluePool BlueFront Rod HolderPlease add an aditional front rod holder
27unreadNew OrderMartin du Buisson06/02/202427/02/2024ProFisha 525PlainWhiteWhite854