• Katonkel Ronkel – Thats a WRAP!
    The first instalment of the Katonkel Ronkel was a massive success thanks to all the competitors and sponsors. Over the comp over 282 eligible fish were caught but at the end of the day it was all about the biggest fish or your 2nd or 3rd fish. Have a look at the rules if you want more details on this here: https://sandbox.thefisherman.co.za/kayak-fish/events/2020-kayak-fish-katonkel-ronkel/ After 31 days of the competition we handed out loads of Lucky draw prizes, these were the winners: Justin Leaf-Wright – Railblaza Cap Devin Muir – Holdfast Straps Jonathan Lassen – Holdfast Straps •Manie Rockman – Lure Covers Julian Taylor – Railblaza Wash Bag Donovan Wichmann – Holdfast… Read More
  • The Final Stretch of the Katonkel Ronkel
    The competition completely exploded this weekend with LOADS of fish being caught. We’re so proud to have 84% of competitors on the scoreboard thus far! Aiming for 100% guys! Additional announcement with TECHINC on board we’re excited to announce the increase of the prize pot. The additional funds will be added as KayakFish vouchers for competitors to spend in our shop. Thanks TechInc!!! This brings the first prize to a value of R 8000, 2nd to R 5000 and 3rd to R 2500. Great work to everyone who got some fish this weekend! Below some of the bonus point earning pictures. Make sure you get that KayakFish logo in there… Read More
  • Katonkel Ronkel Reaches the half way mark
    We’ve reached the half way mark of the Katonkel Ronkel. What an exciting comp to be fighting for the prize over such an extended period. So much can and will still happen. Current Leaders with low quantities of fish in the bag and high stakes will have to get out there and ensure they stock up on more fish in the log. Very exciting news is the addition of 2x sponsors to the competition, TechInc and Jacita Bait and Tackle. Thank you guys!!!! TechInc TechInc is an end-to-end ITC provider to SME businesses looking after the full stack of their IT needs, please visit their site for some more details:… Read More
  • Katonkel Ronkel a Week in and on FIRE
    We have reached the 1 week mark of the Katonkel Ronkel and it feels like we’ve been fishing for month’s for the comp. So much has happened with the leaders changes a couple of times over the last week. Yesterday Taariq surprised us with his past lunch time launch and then ending up with the biggest fish so far. Then today Darren grabbed a 64cm Bonnie but due to his bonus point and extra fish over Taariq he took the lead in the comp. Below some stats we’ve shared with the competitors: For those interested, we do the lucky draws on the whatsapp group by means of a video submission… Read More
  • Katonkel Ronkel off to a Smashing Start
    What an awesome start to this competition. We welcomed 53 competitors to the comp taking the cash prize pot to R 13 250. This morning marked day one of the comp and what a smashing start with plenty fish coming out. We have 21 Fish reported thus far and looking forward to adding loads more to the score sheet. Early on it’s very evident that the bonus points competitors earn and the extra fish caught will be critical to winning the comp. In order to earn a bonus point it’s very important that competitors take a nice marketing friendly picture with their catch and kayakfish.co.za sticker clearly visible to earn… Read More